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Announcement of Opportunity 6367

Open date 23-APR-10

Closing date 18-JUN-10

GOCE data will map the Earth’s gravity field with very high precision that will benefit many branches in Earth sciences. In this context, the ultimate objective of the project is to establish a solid scientific basis for the development of novel products and enhanced geo- information applications exploiting the novel capabilities of the GOCE mission. This activity will focus on three main Themes: Theme 1: Height system unification with GOCE; Theme 2: Towards a better understanding of the Earth’s interior and geophysical exploration; Theme 3: Air density and wind retrieval using GOCE data. In addition, the present ITT includes as the possibility to propose at feasibility level small and fast activities facing innovative and novel scientific applications where GOCE data may provide a significant contribution. Theme 4: Innovative feasibility study.

Please find here the list of companies in your country which expressed interest for ESA Invitation To Tender 6367